Life After Loss:

Life After Loss

Author: Leith McHugh

Life After Loss (LAL) was an incredibly life-giving and healing experience for me. It helped me to move forward in my grief process.

Before I attended LAL I really hoped to connect with other parents who had a category for what I was going through, a category that none of my friends could genuinely understand. Before I went to LAL I struggled to feel understood in my grief journey. I also felt very lonely as a mom who has lost, because that grief is so different than any other.

It was so comforting to spend that amount of time in that sacred place with such special people who have some idea of what I have gone through as a parent, as a mom. I haven’t really experienced that anywhere else. As much as my friends and family members try to understand what it’s like to lose a child, they just can’t unless they’ve walked in our shoes.

Having my small group to connect with during that week and even still today, was and is such a gift. I learned so much about different processes and stages of grief and different emotions associated with it. 

LAL helped me feel so much more connected. I learned that I was not alone. I found that I had community to reach out to and people that understand my pain in a way that most others cannot. I’m so grateful to have a community that is safe to grieve with. There’s so much power in healing and community. It’s so much less lonely to grieve together than alone. I felt really known, cared for and valued at LAL. I left there feeling less alone and watched others walk out with their heads held high. I witnessed us all wanting to live and attempting to take steps forward – toward LIFE! 

By hearing other people’s stories and engaging with them, my own heart, mind and body began to heal. My outlook on the world is brighter, more hopeful and more connected after attending this program. 

It was such an incredible experience for me. I have started my own monthly gatherings for moms in my hometown and a monthly call for people all over the country who have experienced this incredible unthinkable loss. I want other parents to know that this is a huge gift and I don’t want anyone to miss it! I want you to know that you are not alone and that you are going to be OKAY. Your sun will shine again. I don’t know how long it will take, but it will shine. 


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