Support In Service


Thanks to generous donors, all participants will be provided full scholarships to attend. 

The Workshop

This program is specifically designed for first responders and veterans who have experienced combat stress or secondary trauma and as a result, are struggling with PTSD or other emotional challenges. 

The Support In ServiceProgram is a week-long comprehensive trauma workshop available to our military and community service members regardless of rank, station, or branch.  During the day, attendees meet in small groups of 8-10 to receive an integrated and proven therapeutic framework for recovery. These groups are bonded by the commonality of their shared experiences of having served the country and its citizens. In a psychologically safe setting, veterans and first responders are expertly guided by Masters-level licensed and certified trauma therapists who are specifically trained to treat symptoms of PTSD, emotional challenges, difficulties with re-entry into society following deployment, sleep, anxiety, depression, and other issues unique to these men and women. 

After attending the program, participants leave with more hope for the future, a greater sense of self, decreased PTSD and depression symptoms, and the ability to emotionally better connect with themselves and with others.

The Program

The Support In Service Program is a research-based program with proven results, based on learnings from the Veterans Living Centered Program offered in 2019.

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