Life After Loss:

Hope and Healing for Grieving Parents

Life After Loss

The Onsite Foundation is proud to offer Life After Loss, a one-week intensive, therapeutic workshop custom designed to help parents who have experienced the inexpressible grief following the loss of a child.

Bereaved parents are 70% more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness and are four times more likely to die within the first year of their child’s passing. These statistics are tragic. With the help of Ryan’s Grove and The Onsite Foundation, we are creating an innovative, healing experience to support parents during this often overlooked and vulnerable time. 

Onsite is a worldwide leader in emotional trauma. Onsite’s team of certified mental health practitioners delivers life-changing, trauma-informed personal growth workshops. The Onsite Foundation is honored to present this impactful program to assist families in their grief journey.

Parents participating in Life after Loss have the opportunity to plant a tree in memory of their loved one in Ryan’s Grove on Onsite’s beautiful campus in the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee. Families are invited to visit this living sanctuary year-long to honor those who were lost too soon.

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