2021 Programs: Life After Loss
2021 Programs: Life After Loss
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The Onsite Foundation provides emotional wellness initiatives that elevate the human experience and reconnect the heart of humanity.

The Onsite Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity.

How We Help

The Onsite Foundation is committed to providing tools, support and a safe community for individuals who have experienced trauma to find hope and healing. 

The Onsite Foundation is proud to support the following initiatives:

Triumph Over Tragedy

Hope for Survivors of mass shootings

Life After Loss

Grief Support for Bereaved parents

Survivor Blog

We are designed for relationship and community. We were never meant to walk alone through suffering and pain, but to bear the burden for one another. Our Blog is a place where you can find stories from other survivors, letters from our Advisory Councils, and encouragement for your healing journey.  You are not alone.  You are seen, you are heard, you are deeply loved, you are valued and you belong. We are for you, and we are for your healing.

We must learn, as individuals and as a culture, to face our trauma and resolve our emotional pain.  By doing so, we will have the potential to strengthen the fabric of our families, our communities and our world.

It's all about love.


I'm so grateful for this Foundation. It has healed a lot of hearts.


I lost my beautiful son Sam four years ago in a ski accident. I feel like I’ve made strong progress moving through my grief, yet I have been feeling stuck and frustrated for some time. The past weeks Life After Loss program was incredible. The curriculum was so well thought out. Some of it was based in science other parts through decades of hands-on work by the very talented and knowledgeable Onsite staff. Because of Covid, we had our program provided remotely over zoom. I initially had my doubts on how to program such as this was such a sensitive topic could work remotely. To my surprise enjoy it went flawlessly. Participants were able to connect with the facilitator and each other in ways that greatly exceeded my expectations. Tears were shed, hearts were opened, and faces lit up, for many for the first time in a long time. I was so pleasantly surprised that after four years this program was able to crack open my heart in ways that were so needed and help me dig deeper that I have at any other point during my grieving process. On top of everything, I connected so deeply with other participants that we will have lifelong friendships and be of service and support for each other. I would strongly recommend this program for anyone who has lost a child. Our loss is unique and there's so much to benefit from doing this beautiful special work with others who share similar loss and pain.

Ron - Life After Loss Alumni


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